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The Silent Herdsman solution improves farm operational efficiencies, based on several key benefits:

Maximises Fertility

The installation of Silent Herdsman® on cows maximises the success of artificial insemination programmes.

Maximises Profitability

Improved fertility and lower calving indexes means better milk yield and hence great business value.

Improves Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiencies through automating farm practices bring stronger margins and effective farm management.

Saves You Money

Silent Herdsman® can monitor the entire herd continuously, owing to its unique advance on-collar software, freeing up staff for other essential tasks.

Improves Accurate Monitoring

Silent Herdsman® detects changes in behaviour, providing early indicators of animal health.

Enhances Cowmmunication

Real-time data is delivered 24x7, so it’s available any time, any place and on any device.

Additional Advantages

Herd Management Integration

Having a single source of data on a farm, and reducing the need for duplication of information, is a major objective of Silent Herdsman. Our system integrates with many herd management systems including Intererd and Dairy Comp 305. Our open interface allows us to work with any herd management that accepts our file format. Our system is also able to work with ADIS cow information files.

Reporting Capabilities

Silent Herdsman® currently has two mechanisms for reporting bulk information to its users. The first enables the user to print lists of cows, where the user is able to customise the contents of the report to only include information of interest. The user may also be able to generate reports by utilising integrated options with their herd management system. In many instances, this also allows the user to export data into Microsoft Excel format for further analysis.

Sorting Gate Integration

Automatic sorting of animals based on the alerts generated on the Silent Herdsman® system enables a more automated approach to serving and locating animals. Silent Herdsman® already operates with the ATL Pegasus sorting gate.

Grouping of Cows and Adjusting Sensitivity Levels

The ability to adjust sensitivity levels and group cows provides the user with even greater accuracy of heat detection by allowing them to customise Silent Herdsman® to suit their herd.

Text and Email Alerts

You can be contacted anywhere in the world, by text or email, to alert you to a cow’s heat.