simply udderly clever

Detecting cows in heat (oestrus) is critical for successful modern farm management. Missing or wrongly identifying oestrus conditions results in significant lost revenue each year through reduced milk production and wasted artificial insemination. As herds increase in size, so does the potential for misdiagnosis of critical cow behaviour such as oestrus.

Silent Herdsman is a compact, cost-effective system, designed to accommodate all herd sizes that can range into 1000s, is compatible with a range of farm applications, but can also operate on a standalone basis. Detection of oestrus and other conditions is automated using our proprietary Artificial Intelligence module, which processes data on the collar mounted activity monitor. Silent Herdsman only transmits alerts that indicate changes in normal behaviour. Despite different farming practices across the world, cows’ patterns can be deployed globally.

These alerts represent activity patterns related to, but not confined to, oestrus. This advanced software has the capability to be trained to capture individual only meaningful data, which will be downloaded when a cow enters the receiving area of the base station, located either within a field, or within the milking parlour/cow sheds. The alerts indicate that the cow is in oestrus, allowing the user to schedule that cow for treatment.

Simple touch screen interface, easy to use.

Patented on-collar artificial intelligence software

Long life battery developed for data processing.

Advanced mechanical collar design with quick release mechanism.

Over-the-air reprogramming that facilitates easy software upgrades.

24x7 real-time data via a wireless sensor network.

Ruggedised hardware solution suitable for harsh environments.

Remote monitoring via mobile device of choice.