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Silent Herdsman Touch Screen PC

The Silent Herdsman® touch screen PC is designed with a rugged protection, and is fit for purpose in a farming enviroment.

The system will display a detailed record of alerts, these can be accessed either for one specific cow or for the whole herd. The alerts can be examined and managed in a variety of views.

The user is able to manage and record additional information regarding the cows using data entry, action buttons and annotations on graphs. This allows information relating to the cows’ welfare to be recorded, for example, treatment by farm staff on a particular day, vet treatment, observation of illness, locomotion score increase/decrease or if the cow was served.

Silent Herdsman Data-Gathering Base Station

The data-gathering base stations provide a wireless connection between the management computer and the collars attached to the cows being monitored. This enables the data to be collected from the cows automatically without human intervention and ensures no delay during the milking process.

Silent Herdsman Collar

The collar that is attached to the cow has four components; sensor, strap, buckle and weight. In the same way that each cow has a unique ID number, the collars that are attached to the cows each have their own unique Silent Herdsman ID number, which is visible on the outside of the collar.

The collars with automatically register their IDs with the farm computer within 1 hour of the installation. Any additional collars that are purchased after installation will also automatically register. As part of the installation process, the collars will need to be ‘paired’ with the cow via the Silent Herdsman system. The collar monitors the cows throughout the day, and when in range of a base station, the data is analysed and uploaded by the monitor software which is then displayed.

Silent Herdsman Installation

All installations are subject to a site-survey before any order is placed. The site-survey is conducted by our partner organisations. This helps ensure that the farm is being provided with the correct configuration to meet their requirements.

The site survey includes a farm overview, equipment configuration for that customer, equipment placement information, details of any potential obstacles and aerial photos of the site showing relative locations of PCs, base stations, bridges and links.

All equipment is shipped to the installer in advance apart from collars which are shipped directly to the farm in advance of the installation date. This ensures that the farm can begin to utilise the system immediately.

Customer Service and Support

Once the system has been installed our partner organisations will send a dedicated trainer to the site and will teach/train the end user on all aspects of the system operation.

Once the system has been installed and officially ‘handed- over’ to the customer, there is a clearly defined support structure in place to assist them with any issues.